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Enough by Elias Dummer covered by Mason Harms an Elise Brooke

Glorious Day, Way Maker, and Man Of Sorrows - Laborers Conference 2021

Little Things by Mason Harms


Just trying to make Jesus famous and have fun doing it

Bozeman Montana based singer/songwriter, Mason Harms makes melodic and memorable, guitar driven music.   Born in Englewood Colorado in 1996, he often got in trouble for playing the drums on his desk. His parents tried to solve the problem by buying him conga drums for Christmas and enrolling him as a percussionist in the school band and in the choir. Mason played drums in his church for years until he picked up the guitar near the end of high school and began leading worship. From there, he played guitar and sang for a variety of churches and campus organizations. It wasn't until August of 2017 however, during his senior year at the University of Wyoming, that Mason first started writing music. In 2020, he graduated with his Masters of Theological Studies and is now working for the Navigators at Montana State University in Bozeman Montana.

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